Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fun pictures of Rosie

Rosie, Van, and Tammy pictured

July 15, 1973

One night I woke up to a squeaking sound coming from outside. Exploring the situation of found Rosie with pajamas on her head riding her tricycle. It was nearly midnight. She was also a child full of adventure

Rosie with her

Grandpa and Grandma Alder


Reid and Laura said...

that's fun seeing the old pictures. if you have more you should post them. reid

rosie said...

Wow Mom,
I didn't know you had these photos posted! I agree with Reid, post some pictures of him or the other kids so this won't be the first post that comes up! LOL!

Garside-McDaniel said...

What I remember you telling me, Mom, was that you told Rosie (on the tricycle) to put her pjs on...and she did! And then went out to ride!!!!